Current courses

Winter 2023

CHBE355 Kinetics and Reactor Design Sections

Kinetics of homogeneous chemical and biological reactions, isothermal ideal reactor design, analysis of non-ideal reactors using residence time distribution and mixing models.

Winter 2023

CHBE550 Advanced Reactor Design Sections

Topics vary from year to year, and may include kinetics of fluid-solid reactions of single particles, packed, moving, fluidized and transported bed reactors; rotary kilns; gas-liquid reaction kinetics and reactor design; reactor design for gas-liquid-solid and non-catalytic processes.

Winter 2023

BMEG250 Cellular Physiology and Biophysics Sections

Cellular structure and mechanisms of membrane transport, signal transduction, muscle mechanochemistry and neurotransmission. Structure and hierarchical organization up to the level of tissues. Light and electron microscopy.


Course outlines

CHBE 355: Chemical Kinetics & Reactor Design (2020 version)

BMEG 250: Cellular Physiology & Biophysics (2020 version)

CHBE 550: Advanced Reactor Design (2019 version)


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